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we are sharing-studying through  3 parallel cooperations

Collective Thinking Machine
is a tool to co-study with a machine and raw materials like clay. We develop an intimate relationship with local clay from Oslo and through the hacking-crafting of 3d  PLA(plastic) printer into a Clay 3D printer, we have built a horizontal exchange between us.

Sigrid Espelien
ceramic craft artist & researcher https://www.sigridespelien.com

José Tomás Domínguez
mechanical engineer & maker

Fate Reading tools  

Parallel between our ancestral languages: Runasimi and Sápmithat begins with the intention - concept “translation” of words, texts such as poems, stories, songs from Runasimi to Sápmi. However, when trying to apply this concept of "translation" to how we speak, feel, practice, how we live our relationship with our ancestral language Runasimi which means:

Rune - human, Simi - mouth 'The language of the human'

Irma Alvarez Ccoscco

runasimi poet and language activist

Karl Swinehart
linguistic anthropologist, current research focuses on indigenous language politics in Bolivia, focusing on Aymara language media.

Margrethe Pettersen
is a florist with a Bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsø. 

Collective Thinking Machine from Arely Amaut on Vimeo.